Monday, June 14th, 2021

Costs Information

We will be discussing with you at the outset what your objectives are, how best to achieve them and the likely cost.

Basis of charges

As a general rule we base charges mainly on the time spent.  We charge for “chargeable time” only.  This means time spent on professional work on your behalf.  You do not therefore pay separately for time spent on administrative work which could be done by a secretary, such as typing.

Chargeable time includes meeting you or others, reading or considering documents, writing letters, making or receiving telephone calls, and travelling and waiting time.  We treat routine letters as taking six minutes.  We time telephone calls and charge in six minute units.

Our current standard rates for chargeable time are as follows:

  • John Byrne, principal solicitor – £225 per hour plus VAT
  • Mark Lacey, consultant solicitor – £225 per hour plus VAT

The rate at which we charge you may however be higher or lower depending on other relevant factors, so that our bills are ultimately fair and reasonable.  The other relevant factors include the complexity of the case, the skill required, any specialised knowledge involved, the number and importance of relevant documents, the importance of the case to the client and any special urgency involved.

We will usually have an initial discussion with you about your case on the telephone free of charge, for up to about fifteen minutes.

In a suitable case, we may also agree to meet you and advise for an agreed fixed fee of £125 plus VAT for up to one hour.

In addition we have to charge you VAT (currently at 20% of our charges).  We also charge you for any “disbursements” incurred.  This is money paid on your behalf and includes such things as court fees.  We may also charge for printing (currently at 20p per page) if a significant amount is required.

Payment of costs

We will give you the best information we can about the costs which you are likely to incur and we will give you an estimate where possible.

However it is notoriously difficult to give accurate estimates of legal costs. This is because the final bill will depend on the amount of time spent on the matter. The amount of time can vary considerably for reasons beyond our control. For example the time needed dealing with matters raised by the solicitors on the other side (in litigation or in a commercial transaction) cannot be predicted.

We will not usually act on a “no-win no-fee” basis, i.e. under a conditional fee or damages-based agreement. If the matter involves the negotiation of a contract of some kind, this means that you have to pay us even if the deal falls through and no contract is signed. If the matter is a dispute or litigation, you will have to pay us even if the dispute is not resolved to your satisfaction or you recover nothing or you lose the litigation.

Nor will we usually act on the basis of a fixed fee, except for an initial meeting.

For further costs information:-

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